Italian by birth, I trained as an actor at the Academy of Dramatic Arts Zurich, Switzerland. I have been utilising the techniques of Michael Chekhov for acting, directing and coaching purposes for the last 30 years. I designed the "Chekhov Actor's Training", an acting intensive, for which I was internationally recognised .The course was introduced to Theater Ensembles and at Festivals. The two weekly programs are being offered in English, German ,French and Italian.

The Training was developed with the intention to demystify the acting process and to ignite creative inspiration to theatre, film and TV practitioners - together with a strong sense of professionalism. Students are often thrilled and surprised by the powerful transformation these sessions evoke. My approach appeals straight to the artist's imagination and, by doing so, frees one's talent, heart and soul making acting what it should be - a joyous art.

“Chekhov takes you back to the magical and mystical work of acting. By daring to go beyond you discover as an actor the stupendous, creative and infinite instrument that beholds you. Not only as an actress, but also as a human being, this course has enriched and inspired my soul.”
Rachel Slater, Actor, Israel